KPSC (PSC) Thulasi – Notification 2017 & Registration

KPSC Thulais – We covered all the required information related to PSC thulasi online here. Kerala PSC thulasi is only website where we covered latest government jobs related to KPSC online.

Unlike other government sectors, kerala has taken a good step by launching the PSC thualsi and Kerala KPSC thulasi for departmental exams. The following guide will let you know on how to register for psc thulasi.

Note : Kerala PSC has launched a two different sectors, one for the freshers who are not employed in any government sectors and another one is for only government sectors.

For Freshers:

One Time Registration – PSC Thulasi Online

If you are a fresher then you can check out our guide here – The process of one time registration on psc kerala thulasi website. The major benefit for creating the account on PSC is no need to apply for each and every job with a different application.

You can directly apply for any government sector Job without submitting any application through KPSC thulasi website online.

Step By Step Process Of One Time Registration Online:

There you go step by step process of one time registration:

Process Step – 1:

At first you need to check the official website link : Here is the official website link.

Then after you need to click on ” New Registration “. Once you click on new registration a page will display stating that your photography must meet the requirements as per their terms.

Upload The Photo:

How to upload the photo on psc thulais website, KPSC thulasi website, Your image must meet the following requirements as per thulasi website.

  • Your Image Size : Must be 150px x 200px.
  • Image Size Less than – 30KB
  • Image Type – JPG
  • Your Name and date of photo taken must be in scripted on photo.
  • The time of photo taken, and your name must be in black color.
  • The background should be in white color. Please do refer to the the following image format. So, that you will get an idea.
  • The photo must be recent one, no less than < 1 Year.

If any of the above requirements are not met. Then you just can’t proceed the for the further steps.  In case, if you can proceed to next steps there may be a chance that your application will be rejected.

How To Upload The Perfect Photo On PSC Thulasi Website:

Here is the process of uploading the perfect 150px to 200px photo.

The Kerala PSC thulasi website has launched a new link, where you can decrease the image PX to 150 x 200 online as well reduce the image size to 30kb.

Here is the step by step process:

At first, you need to visit the official website link:

  • Then after on kpsc thulasi website, you need to check on right sidebar as ” Resize Photography/signature ” just check out to that link.
  • Now, upload either your photo or signature to decrease the size of the Image.
  • Make sure the image must be 150 to 200 PX in size.
  • Here is the screenshot of the image so that you will get an Idea about this.

Note : Physically Handicapped candidates with face deformation would not be able to upload their photo successfully since the uploaded photo will be analysed for the posture, position etc. The candidates with such deformities can bypass this analysis on accepting the following declaration. Bypassing the face Detection by other candidates shall lead to invalidation.

Procedure – 2

Once the your photography has been submitted, the next step is to enter your education details and rest of the profile details.

Note: Please do fill the exact details which you have been certified.

Once the kerala psc released, any new job notification you will be notified as per your educational qualification and you can apply through the website with out submitting any another documents over and over again.

That’s how you supposed to register your account online through kerala psc thulasi website. If you want to any more information then do let us know we will help you out.

KPSC Thulasi One Time Registration – Departmental Exams

If you have no idea about the Government departmental exams, then here is the guide for you. Kerala PSC, has been launched a new kpsc thulasi website where people who are belong to the  Government Departments, Boards, Corporations, Autonomous Bodies, etc.

The candidates who are only belong to the above departments are eligible to appear the departmental exams. Freshers are not allowed here.

Same as like above here also you need to register your account online at one time only.  Just check our step by step guide below.

For Departmental Exams:

Check out the official website link here :

Then after click on ” New Registration ” A new page will appear asking you to enter the details as follows:


Your photography must meet the minimum requirements which has been shared on the kpsc thulasi website. We do already covered the requirements above please do check it out.

Upload the image size, and it must meet the following requirements as per kerala psc thulasi website:

  • Image LXW: 150 px to 200 px.
  • Image Size : 30Kb <
  • Should have your name and date of photo taken on photo.

Personal Details:

Once the the photo has been uploaded, the next step is to enter the personal details as follows:

  • Name – As per on your Current  Job records
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Guardian’s name
  • Relationship with Guardian
  • Physical disability Details if you do have any.

Once those details, were filled on kerala psc thulasi website. Move on to the next step.

Communication Details:

Your communication details are must. Please do fill out as per on your current job ( Not mandatory ) but preferred.

  • Permanent Address as well as communication address if you do.
  • All the required details are mandatory.
  • Mobile Number – Mandatory.
  • Email – Mandatory.

Please do fill out all the details which were listed on the kerala psc thulasi website. Those were subjected to verification.

Employment Details – Must Be Entered Correct

Your employment details must be entered correct. In case if the details that were entered wrong. You can’t proceed to further steps.

  • This are the details that you have to fill on kpsc thulasi website.
  • Choose your department.
  • Choose your designation on that department.
  • Choose employment details :Regular or Regular, on deputation.
  • Official Address

Make sure the details that were entered on kerala psc thulasi website were true.

Move on to the next step.

Identification Details:

Your Identification Details, choose any one of the following Identification details which has been listed on thulasi website.

  • Pan card
  • Voter Id Card
  • Driving License
  • Indian Passport
  • Aadhar Number
  • PEN – Spark

Please do recheck your details, before proceeding the next step.

Further steps, is like update your profile details and information regarding your current job on a specific department.

If any new departmental job has been listed. You are now allowed to apply as per your educational qualification and current Job.

Stay tuned, We are going to post more information on this kpsc thulasi.